How to find out if Citizen Development is right for you in three easy steps

You have read about citizen development and heard about other IT leaders who have done implemented successful programs, but you’re not sure if this is the right move for you. If you can answer yes to the three questions below, you should be considering citizen development as the solution to your app development backlog buildup and innovation.

June 28th 2019

You’ve heard about citizen development and are feeling the pressure to get more talent on board, but you’re not quite sure if its right for you. With 3 times more developer jobs than skilled college grads for the role projected, you might be feeling the pressure but are concerned if bringing on citizen developers will impact productivity or security in any way. Below, we address 3 of the most common questions to help guide you through the consideration process and determine if citizen development is right for you.

1. Is Your IT Team Overwhelmed by Business Requests?

The most common denominator between companies that have embraced citizen development is the inability to scale their IT departments to support the ongoing requests originating from the business. The IT department’s focus on addressing critical needs means they are often overwhelmed by app requests from the business and can only work on the big issues. Does this sound familiar, especially with the need for your IT team to deliver both a great internal and external customer experience? 

To determine if Citizen Development may be a suitable solution for your organization, start by reviewing your backlog. Seeing an influx of process change requests? Are your marketing and service teams requesting additional features for internal-facing apps? These are all great candidates for citizen development. Getting help to create basic business tools like list views, reports and dashboards are highly valued in many organizations, especially where the necessary permissions are withheld and all changes must go through IT. Anything you can to do help your customer-facing departments support their clients more efficiently will positively impact both the customer and employee experiences. 

2. Does Your Organization Need to Stay Innovative?

Organizations are realizing that by adopting a culture of innovation, they are better able to support the needs of customers, deliver products to market faster, and gain a competitive advantage. But, innovation can be hindered by legacy systems and processes which is where digital transformation comes into play. 

Have you considered low-code development to speed up the app development progress? If you said “yes”, you’re in the same boat s 81% of IT professionals who are also evaluating this as a solution to their innovation problems. Take a look at your current business initiatives and how you stack up against the competition. If you feel like you are not delivering the best technology experiences for your team, it might be time to shift focus on those key innovation initiatives within your IT team and relinquish some of the app development and deployment to citizen developers. At Citrix, last year alone one-third of all app deployment was done by citizen developers. Imagine what your IT team could bring to life with all that time. 

3. Do you have the right people with the right skill sets, but need to establish governance?

Are there some stars who are shining from the realms of Shadow IT? Your business analyst or marketing operation manager are demonstrating potential and eagerness to learn, but you might be too afraid to have them develop an application without the right process and governance protocols in place.

The first step is to identify these individuals, You can then evaluate the currently low-code development technology and training you have in place and most importantly ensure that you establish the right governance process. Is performance more important than security? Or are they equally valuable? With citizen development, you can put a set of standards in place that empower your business to develop and deploys apps to suit their business needs, but also arm them with the right guidelines and tools to ensure that anything they build falls within all the compliance and quality standards within your company. 

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you are on the right track and can start implementing citizen development so you too can see a 57% faster rate of app development.

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